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360iSR are a shining light in the ISR domain, their knowledge and ability to communicate complex issues with simplicity and empathy makes them stand head and shoulders above their competitors.

Head of Intelligence, Singapore Police Force

The original thought behind ISR in the UK military

Ewen Stockbridge Sime

"The work Ewen did was game changing."

Senior UK Military Officer

ISR Commander


Head of Training

Gareth Tennent

"Outstanding skills, founded on wide knowledge of the doctrine and operational application, plus a wide range of presentational and briefing skills, created an interactive academic atmosphere prone to learning ."

Colonel in charge of Spanish Joint ISR Debriefing the March 2016 JISR Practitioners’ Course

ISR Commander


Our Training

Training shortfall is an enduring issue. Arguably the success of a training pipeline is often its own down fall as demand for graduates outstrips the ability to train. Additionally, highly trained operators are often moved to high tempo posts to support operations: training is often left as the poor relation. The recent increase in demand for highly qualified ISR staff officers and UAS operators is often at odds with the ability to train. Recent moves by various states have attempted to address this shortfall. Of note the UK, Italian and US militaries have produced domestic training, the former having been developed in line with NATO doctrine and policy.

The experience gained from previous projects, as well as operational experience from previous military careers is used by our team to design and deliver doctrinally compliant, yet nationally relevant training courses and services. An example of practical training scenarios would be Mediterranean Migration, support to the coalition operations, Search and Rescue, Environment Monitoring and Response Planning Measures or national involvement in any other location. 360iSR have conducted smaller courses focusing on specific issues such as cross border smuggling, urban ISR and Counter Terrorism.


360iSR staff has been pivotal in the design and delivery of Joint ISR (JISR) training to both NATO Command and to member states, notably NATO AIRCOM, the Royal Netherlands Air Force and the Spanish Joint Forces. In addition we have helped the UK military in the application of UAS capability as well as working with clients around the globe. Of note, we have worked in Singapore on the development of a UAS road-map and in the Middle East on the training for all aspects of UAS employment. Recently, we have increased our portfolio to include cyber intelligence training and have successfully delivered to clients in need of understanding the next battlespace. 


Importantly, through liaison with the client, 360iSR will ensure that any practical phase of training is tailored to focus on nationally relevant scenarios. In this way the course graduates will be more focused on current or future operations. 

Probably the best professional course I have ever attended. 

Senior USAF Intelligence Officer

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