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360iSR.  Decision Advantage

Wherever decisions are critical, 360iSR delivers.

Together with our customers we find answers to questions; striving for smarter solutions.

ISR, UAVs and Decision Making

Training Division

Without knowledge there can only be guess work, and we at 360iSR know that there is no place on the battlefield, or indeed the boardroom, for guesswork.
From UAVs to Smart Cities

Consultancy Division

Confused | Congested | Complex | Contested
Smart cities, smart farming... just got smarter

Smart Division

Workshops, seminars and presentations

Decision Making in Complex Environments

We provide experts in complex decision making to help with your environment.  
Linking Data to Decisions

Cyber Division

We understand that assured decisions require assured data.  We understand the need for a secure and robust data chain

How we do it

What we do

360iSR provides a bespoke service to niche clients that want to understand the application of Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance to their domain.

We do not limit ourselves to how an aircraft or UAS works, we enable the customer to understand how to employ the system, integrate it and truly acquire a capability. Moreover, we do this completely independently from hardware manufacturers. The answer you get will be honest and unfettered by commercial relationships.

Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance

ISR is the ability to understand how to task assets to collect data and then to process the data so that it can be exploited and disseminated.  

Decision Advantage

In any walk of life, the ability to know more and act quicker than the competition will lead to success.  A concept equally at home in the board room or on the battle field.

Training and Workshops

We provide bespoke training courses and client focused workshops to assist in the understanding and implementation of ISR and decision advantage.

Consultation Services

ISR has proven itself to be an essential capability for a modern decision maker. For deployed forces, law enforcement professionals in the field, or commercial entities, the ability to identify the unknown and then to exploit that knowledge is critical for safety and mission success.

Our team

Work with professionals

360iSR only recruit and associate with the highest calibre of people. Thats why you can rest assured that you will receive the best service possible.

The original thought behind ISR in the UK military

Ewen Stockbridge Sime

Decision making in complex environments
Head of Consultancy Division

Gareth Tennent

I will never forget what it is to be a student
Head of Training Division

Costel Revenu

Without assured data, how can any decision be more than guesswork?
Head of Cyber Division

Jacob Assange

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